About Ink Republique

A brand without a good story, is like a pen without ink.

It’s no wonder then that it doesn’t make a mark.

At Ink Republique, we believe that a drop of ink can make millions think. Which is why we offer a range of PR services that ensure your business leaves an everlasting impression on your target audience.

From developing powerful brand stories to collaborating with the media and placing you in the limelight, we help put your voice into type, paper, and ink!

Why Pen Your Story with Us

We realize how important it is to look good from the start. Which is why we specialize in PR for young start-ups and brands

We dive deep into the business to understand what works best for the brand before we gear up with our barrels of ink

We know the right people and the right strategies to create successful media stories that make a splash

We are known to get back to our clients even before the ink dries

We go above and beyond to connect journalists, bloggers, and industry influencers with our clients to ensure fluid communication

How we can help



A brand’s relationship with media is vital. We drive our clients to success by creating the right kind of stories and building lasting media relations.



Good brands need great stories. We help craft compelling content and other communication collaterals that connects you with your audience



A successful event requires a media splash. We work behind the scenes and leave no stone unturned to give your event complete media coverage



A media strategy includes various communication and marketing strategies. We identify and plan these online and offline strategies to ensure your brand stands out



Media can be very challenging to deal with. We provide you with media 101 sessions that help you identify, simplify, and articulate the brand ethos for your audience

Our Clients


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Connect With Us

As much as we like narrating, we love listening too.
If you have an idea that needs to be shared, tell us about it.
We’d love to ink your story!

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